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Tired of searching site after site for no-hassle short-term lending solutions? Looking for an easy loan sign up? Well you have come to the right place! We may be your online source for finding the easiest lending solutions on the internet. Our sign up process does not require all the usual faxing that most other sites do. Just visit the sign up page and fill in your basic information and then you're done. It's that easy!

A Solution You Need to Consider

After you complete our easy online loan form, we will match you with a trusted lender.  Then sit back and relax - your funds may be deposited directly into your bank account very shortly, although this may vary depending on the lender. Whether it is an unexpected repair or a planned vacation, a cash advance may be the perfect solution for your immediate financial needs.

Considering the Alternative: Lines of Credit

Unsecred advances often become necessary in times of financial distress. Although a popular choice, these services are not the only type of emergency funding. An alternative to traditional payday loans are lines of credit.

Lines of credit are available in two types. The first type is a personal line. This is a loan that is provided based on your credit rating. Similar to a credit card, you will only be expected to pay back what you've spent. For example, you could have a $15,000 credit line, and buy a $10,000 car. You would only be responsible to pay interest on the $10,000 that you used. Compared to alternatives, a personal line generally has lower interest rates.

The alternate is based on home equity. This is a loan that is secured by the equity you already have established in your home. Because it is a secure loan for the bank, low interest rates are offered. On average, you can borrow up to 85% of the amount of equity you have in your home. Obviously, unless you are home owner, line of credit through equity is not offered. However, if you are a home owner, this is a cheap and secure way of receiving cash quickly. Unfortunately, if you are not able to repay your home equity loan, the bank you borrow from has the ability to repossess your home.

Using a line of credit often times is a better option to a payday loan. With more security, and lower interest rates, it's safer and costs less. However, if you are not a home owner or have bad credit, a payday loan may be your only choice. Acquiring an online payday loan from a reputable company such as nofaxquickcashadvance.com or Easy Online Payday Loans usually offers the greatest benefits for the least cost.

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